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Barrhead Veterinary Clinic is proud to offer a caring and professional service to animals and pets of all shapes and sizes. But you don’t have to take our word for it. See what some of our clients have to say!

To experience this service for yourself, call Barrhead Veterinary Clinic today!

Amazing Service

Thank you Thank you!!!!
I had two sweet little kittens found yesterday on my kids’ bus ride home. I have raised a bunch of animal lovers so my 4 offered to bring them home. We already have 8 dogs/cats/horse here and can't have more. The clinic helped me find homes for both. So very greatful for your amazing service. You deffintly have my business!

—Kelly B.

Above and Beyond Service

This place goes above and beyond for their clients, and they gave me great comfort and tried so hard to help my dog, but in the end, it was time, and I was given all the time I needed to say my goodbyes, and the staff stayed with me outside making sure that I was okay, they all are the best, TLC or Animal Planet should give him a show of his own.

Karri K.

A Gift to Have in Our Community

Forever grateful! A week after losing my 8yr old dog to congenital heart disorder my 1yr old dog started displaying strange symptoms - eye infection - then abscesses around her neck. Dr. Illiya saw my 'baby' regardless of day or time without hesitation, patiently took my concerned calls and admitted her due to rapidly growing abscesses. She had been bit by a spider. The superior treatment combined with compassion and expertise saved her life. I have been a client of Barrhead Veterinary Clinic for many years, and would never trust my 'animal family' with anyone else. Dr. Illiya is a surgical genius and a gift to have in our community. His prices are trusted, reasonable and worth every penny as he applies his assessment and medical skills with consistency and the absolute best of care! I highly recommend Dr. Illiya and his clinic ... it is well worth it! I can't thank him enough for going above and beyond! Much appreciation to the staff for caring daily for my girl and shampooing her the day I could finally bring her back home! Forever grateful!

Sylvia Y.

Highly Recommended

Highly recommended. From a large feedlot operation to your smallest of companions. Illya is one vet I truly have an appreciation for. And his staff go above and beyond.

Thank you for such great service for over a decade.

Kerry K.

Respectful and Caring Treatment

I've taken all of our animals to Iliya. He has always treated us and our animals with respect and care!!!! He and his staff are amazing people and I would recommend him to anyone!!!!

Catherine M.

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